Latest work



Feeding in the meadow
Marbling on the flower
Waiting for the male
Waiting on the surface
Swimming by
Healing yourself
Walking down the stem
Feeding on the heather
Healing everything in the meadow
Heath on the heathland
English pyramids
Waiting for the male
Old mattress stuffing
Spotted in the common
Food for thought
In the grass
Sitting along
Feeding in the sun
Guarding the gate
Walking along
Grouping together
Watching and waiting
Green on green
Is this edible?
Looking around
Walking down the trunk
Swimming by
Backstroke in the pond
Swimming on the surface
Fly away home
Dusty beetle
Which is the leaf
Can you see me?
Are you looking at me?
Multiple curls
Is that an alien?
Walking through the moss
Scarey face
Looking up
Sitting in the light
Have the aliens landed
Flying around
Fighting for a home
Fly past
Portrait of a gannet
Sleeping soundly
Looking around
Grey copper
Black and white bird