Latest work



Surefooted kid
In the pink
Daisy portrait
Grazing the hills
Bouncing in the Spring
Grazing away
Preparing for fruit
Fun in the evening sun
Pixies in the woodland
Bright in the wood
Searching for food
Trimming the grass
Dogs in the wood
Warming in the sun
Chatting on the Rocks
Hunching down in the cold
Bouncing around
Leaping for joy
Look at me
Staring at the sea
Jumping through the rocks
Sweeping away
Coastal view


Vivid seeds
Protective spikes
Ready to blow
Cherries alive
Black and white and blue
Is it Easter?
Black and white bell
Winter flowers
Pussy in the Spring
Curls of a frond
Dew in the morn
Morning gorse
Spring flowers
Seeds in the sun
Morning blossom
Blossom in the Spring
Sun down
Sunny teasles
A single blossom
Reeds at sunset
Catching the early Spring sun
In the morning
A rose so sweet
In the woods