I grew up in the Suffolk countryside where surrounded by fields full of insects, birds and mammals it's hard not to develop a love of wildlife. After leaving home for York this love of wildlife turned into a degree in biology, which then turned moving towards working in the lab rather than in the field.

After moving back to Newmarket I took up photography as a way of getting back to the nature that I loved, and getting downtime away from the stress of work. Surrounded by the amazing fenlands, woodlands and coastal areas of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire I focussed mostly of photographing the smaller things of the area. I spent many an hour lying in the grassland quietly trying to focus on the insects and flowers of the area. However despite the love of small things it's hard to escape the wonders of the seal colonies of Norfolk or take trips around the country to see the amazing bird colonies or rutting stags that can be found in other areas.

Recently I've moved across the country and settled on the edge of Exmoor where I'm starting to explore the amazing scenery of the area


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